The most important thing you can do to increase your income and profits is to nurture your customers, build relationships so that they would never consider going to your competitor...


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Just Because You Have a New Customer Doesn't Mean Your Competitors Stop Advertising to Them...

If business owners and sales reps were good at building loyalty there would be very little need for the advertising industry. Sure, you are going to lose some customers and clients to natural attrition, people die, move away, but that should be a small percentage. If you can simply increase the frequency that your customers buy from you and increase the referrals you customers give to you do you think your business would be better off? The fact is this is easy when you employ and automated "Continuity Marketing System".

This is where most business owners and sales reps fail, they think that just because they provided good service the customer is theirs for life. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you do not stay in contact, and continue to build on your relationship, you will eventually be forgotten. Without a doubt, the best return on your money, is staying on the top of your customers or  clients mind so that whenever they need the service you provide you immediately come to mind. Or, if a friend mentions they need the service you provide, your name rolls off your customers tongue without hesitation.

ContactTRACS is a set and forget "Continuity Marketing System" that keeps you in front of your customer and/or clients for years to come. Dramatically increases the chances of driving up each and every customers lifetime value to your business.

We Have Already Done the Heavy Lifting...Just Join the Family and Away You Go...

  • Just choose our done for you money making campaigns that matches your industry and all messages are immediately loaded into your personal system ready to be delivered to your customers or clients.
  • Each campaign comes loaded with entertaining emails that your customers will want to open that are sent out every two weeks into perpetuity. Each email automatically drops your picture, logo and any other information you think is important as signature.
  • Just record three short "howdy" messages right in your back office. One ringless voice mail is dropped on your customers phone each month. This is a magical personal touch your customers just cannot ignore!
  • Timed text messages are sent throughout the year just to keep your customers engaged. The first text is sent out immediately asking your new customer to provide feedback and ultimately a review with our powerful ReviewTRACS system.
  • Finally, the most powerful way to communicate available today, personalized postcards are sent to your customers on a schedule that fits your budget. These postcards are all waiting for you, you don't have to design, address, stamp or send. Our system does the grunt work for you, but your customers don't know that.

All Campaigns are Fully Customizable or Create Your Own...

Once you invest in ContactTRACS you will spend 30-minutes with your assigned, U.S.A. customer support person to help you customize your campaign to meet your needs and budget. Everything can be changed in a short period of time or you can create your own campaign if you're ambitious. Your highly trained support person is your contact and you will have his or her direct phone number to communicate and receive help at anytime. We take support serious. We know what ContactTRACS will do for your business because we know what it has done for all of our businesses. Schedule a free, no-obligation, no pressure demo today!

Automate Your Relationship Building with the TRACS Suite...

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