Coupons and special offers can really drive up sales but how do you know if you're making any money. Using social coupon sites can end up putting you in bankruptcy. You not only need to track how your coupons are performing but if you made any money from the promotion...


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Are Coupons and Special Offers Making You Money?

Social coupon sites like Groupon sound great in theory, but are they truly effective. Sure, if you need to drive new customers through your doors they work great, but you lose money every time. Now, that's okay if you have a system like ContactTRACS to capture and retain the new customers information, but if not, you could go straight into bankruptcy. However, it is a good idea to use coupons to bring customers back through your doors, and with any luck they will bring friends and buy more than what you are offering. Birthday coupons are  a great weapon to have. The bottom line is that you need to know if it is profitable to send out coupons. If you are just sending coupons out, and losing money every time, then you are better off marketing differently, see LeadTRACS. CoupTRACS allows you to monitor you coupons and get a birds-eye view of whether or not you made money on your promotion.

Sending Coupons and Offers, and Tracking Those Offers, is Easy With CoupTRACS...

  • First, choose what contacts you want to deliver your offer to, this can be customers, prospects, a group, or individuals.
  • Using the built in coupon builder, upload an image, add some text and your coupon is complete. You can get fancy but no need, this coupon is hosted on your own special web page.
  • Click the send button and all the contacts you have selected in step one are immediately sent a text with a link to your unique coupon page.
  • Some people who receive the offer will visit your business and show the coupon from their mobile device. The cashier will click the "Redeemed" button allowing on one coupon per person, and on the very next page enter the total sale amount. Easy peasy, two quick steps.
  • Any time you want you can log into your TRACS system and see on your dashboard the exact total amount of revenue the offer has generated you. This should include the TOTAL sales amount so that you can determine if that offer was a winner!

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