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Let's Address the Elephant in the Room...

People don't do business with businesses, they do business with people who they know, like and trust. Where most business owners fail, regardless of the industry, is they do not do near enough to build relationships with prospects and customers. We don't reach out to prospects to try and convert them to a paying customer enough, and most of us end a sale with a hand shake and goodbye. Every business owner and sales rep needs a solid "Continuity Marketing System" in place the minute the open their doors. If you don't have one, now is the time to start. Continuity Marketing will provide you with the highest return on your money and is the single best investment you can make in your business today. Read on...

Automate Your Relationship Building with the TRACS Suite...

Drive More Business Through Your Doors

A business always needs to be driving new business through its doors. You cannot rely on repeat business and referrals alone. There is a natural attrition that will eventually leave your business stagnant. Believe it or not generating leads is the easy part and we can show you just how easy or you can hire our team to handle it for you

Free Up at Least 50% of Your Time and Convert More Prospects to Paying Customers 

With our system gone are the days of sitting in front of a CRM and making countless phone calls over and over again just to leave voice mails. Our system will do all the follow up for you, the part we all hate, and drive prospects to you when they are ready. Most people don't make a buying decisions until the sixth or more contact yet most business give up after just two contacts. With our system you can go to bed and know you are not leaving money on the table.

Studies Show Over 85% of People Who Had a Bad Experience with Your Business Will Come Back if  You Communicate with Them

Feedback is absolutely essential to a strong business as well as strong, positive reviews. With our system you click a button and go on with your day. Your customers will happily provide you feedback and reviews on autopilot

Increase Your Income by up to 20%, or More, Each and Every Year

If you could  automate an entire process that keeps your face in front of all your customers 40 times a year, or more, with a variety of methods do you think they may return to do more business or refer you more business? Silly question right? However less than 18% of businesses have a system in place to handle  this heavy burden. ContactTRACS saves the day.

Blow the Lid Off of Your Referral Business

Do you know the single easiest and most effective way to increase referrals? That's easy, announce the name of the person who provided you with a referral to all your customers and reward the person who gave you a referral. People love to be acknowledged and love to compete. Our suite makes this easy and can track your referrers.

Repeat Business is Gravy Money Regardless of Your Industry

If you plan on being in business for a while, and not just treating it like a hobby, than you need to focus on bringing customers back through your doors and never going to your competitors. Remember that just because you have a new customer doesn't mean your competition stops advertising to them.

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